Gambling hall

How everything works: Underground gambling hall

The gambling hall is located on the first floor of a typical residential building intended for shops and institutions – nothing unusual looks like. In the large glassed case – faded posters with images of eternal kitchen sets and curtains for baths. It seems that the room is empty or on repair, inside is dark. This is one of those windows, past which you can walk every day for several years and not remember what is depicted. The eye has absolutely nothing to catch on. The black tinted door of the gambling hall is under the next arch. There is no bell, there are signs of life behind the door, too. Inward customers come after a phone call.

A dark room behind the front door is caused by old office furniture and building materials. Part of the room is fenced off by a curtain from an advertising banner. In the middle there is a computer desk. The administrator of the gambling hall works here, he always has a screen saver with the YouTube window on his monitor, and a bookmaker portal in the tabs. Behind him is the cherished door. The interior of the hall is extremely unpretentious: slot machines stand in a small room without windows, in front of each of them there is a high bar stool. The walls are painted green, which obviously should be associated with the cloth of the poker table or roulette.

 Very different people play. Who simpler, put on a minimum, two hundred rubles, and play little by little, do not lose much, so, for pleasure, from his wife relax. There are separate characters who talk to come.

 At the very beginning of the evening there are just few players. The last time in the hall was played by a pair of apathetic middle-aged men and three women of about fifty in identical fur hats. Among themselves, no one usually talks, from time to time visitors ask the administrator to charge the machine for a new game. Periodically, players switch to another machine, some play simultaneously on two. Most visitors are well known to both the administrator and the rest of the players. The casino has a regular clientele; new people are treated with suspicion. The only way to expand the audience is word of mouth. Regulars bring friends who later become clients too. There are those who regularly walk for several years, despite the fact that the casino was repeatedly closed after inspections, and then opened in a new place.

 Usually everything is quiet and peaceful, although curiosities happen. In our town, young people have specific entertainment, and it happens that the guys come to play hard under the hair dryer or, worse, in the butyrate. And they sit with glass eyes, at first one plays at the minimum bet, wins and gives the second half to the second one, he sits down for another machine, and they start to play together. Also not profitable at all clients and stoned to the same, behave strangely.

Service in the institution is minimal, nothing superfluous either in the interior or in the service. The only bonus for the players is free beer, but almost nobody drinks it. There are, however, an unpleasant type of customers who come by the company, make a minimum bet on one machine and require a drink for everyone. Here they usually do not like it: they do not bring much income, they only take automatic weapons and interfere with other players.