Secrets of the casino

Secrets of the casino: how from players draw money

There is a well-known expression: “What happened in Las Vegas, it’s left in Las Vegas”. It’s no wonder that Sin City has a lot of secrets, and especially as it relates to playing in its famous casinos. The correspondent of our portal summarized the observations.

Drunk – lost

Many inexperienced tourists may find free alcohol an additional incentive to visit the casino, but in fact for such generosity lies a clear strategy. “If you are not endowed with some kind of supernatural resistance to alcohol, alcohol consumption will negatively affect your attention and ability to assess the situation,” writes John Mikson, who grew up in the US state of Nevada. “If you are hoping to win, you must be a teetotaler.”

In any game, casino wins – with one exception

Respondents Quora again and again emphasize that the casino receives profit from each of its games, but the percentage of this profit varies. Programmer Ilya Weigman from the city of Menlo Park in the US state of California and employee of the hotel business Jen Zeng from Las Vegas agrees that the worst chances for the players are roulette. Appropriate for casino shares of profit on a roulette with two zero is 5%; on the “pass line” (standard rate) in the game craps – 1.4%; and in blackjack (a point game) – only 0.28%. Mikson also notes that in casinos the chances can be slightly more favorable, because such establishments cannot afford to hire the best croupiers.

Well, as a game with the best chances, a resident of Las Vegas, Don Dawson recommends poker: “All other games give a profit to the casino, and poker is the only game where the casino does not receive money directly from the players.” The win or loss depends solely on you and your skills “.

For large winnings on machines, you need to put on maximum

“If you play slot machines, it makes no sense to make minimum bets,” Tseng advises. “Maximum bet = maximum winnings.” As a rule, the maximum rate is two to three times higher than the minimum. For example, a machine with a minimum of 25 cents will have a maximum of 50 or 75.

The casinos are built to disorient customers

If you are already in the casino, then it’s not easy to leave. “The casino architecture resembles a labyrinth,” Weigman points out, “you’re lost because that’s what it’s meant to be.” Then sit on a chair at a machine or a blackjack table, and voila-spend money! “

For the same reason, casinos do not have hours. “They do not want us to think it’s too late and it’s time to go home,” writes Garrick Saito of Los Angeles, “The longer you play, the more you lose.”